Saturday, September 6, 2008

Welcome to our new Knit Nut Blog!

The Knit Nut Meetup Group now has a blog!

If and when I remember to take photo's of our group I was always posting them to my own blog. Well I thought we needed our own corner of the web to post photos of our little group. All of our members can also post here about their individual projects so look for those post soon. I will also get links on the sidebar to everyone's blog if they have one.

We had our first meeting in November of 2007 and then started back again this past January 2008. Our small group has grown to about 10 or so members. We meet at Dilworth Coffee at Hoods Cross Roads and the owner there has made us feel very welcome. She has put us on her calendar in the coffee house as well. Letting everyone know that there is a knitting group that meets the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month.

Today she brought out a huge plate of crackers with chicken salad and chocolate cake for all of us! There is a photo of that in the slide above.

We had 2 new ladies join us this week. Joyce who has a website where she sells her gorgeous oil paintings and Renee who attends college at UNC Charlotte . I helped her to get started on a crocheted hat, and although she had never crocheted before she did an excellent job and was well on her way with her new project.

Robin who was new to our group at last meeting came and worked on her cute crocheted baby blanket. Pam, Aura and I were also working on our latest crochet projects. Pat was the knitter this week and was knitting that beautiful afghan in the slide show above.

Well that's all until next time and

to Joyce and Renee!

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