Saturday, October 18, 2008

October 18, 2008

You can tell that fall has arrived as it was a bit chilly today so we definitely could not have sat on the patio to knit. Aura, Rose, Pam and I were the only ones who could come today and we missed the rest of you. We still had a great time chatting and knitting or crocheting. We got to hear about Aura's recent trip to Italy and I brought some of my recent cards to show off. (I know not knitting related)

Rose's Superman Sweater Rose was knitting on the back of the Superman sweater for her nephew and I had brought along Jennifer's dress and I think I got one entire row knitted in 2 hours. Pam was working on her Tiramisu Baby Blanket. Aura's Pixie HATS Aura brought her cute pixie hats to show us and they are just adorable. Aura was also working on another fun crocheted dishcloth. Aura's dishcloth

We really had a nice time together and I look forward to our next meeting. Hope to see all of you next time!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

October 4, 2008

Well, it was an absolutely beautiful day today! As the weather was so pretty again, we sat out at the patio of Dilworth Coffee to knit and chat. We had a small (very small) group today, just Pat and I were able to make it this meet up. However, we spent a very enjoyable couple of hours knitting and talking about this and that and enjoying our coffee.

I hope that more of you can make it to the next meeting!

This coming December we have been meeting for a year. Well, actually I think we started in November of last year and picked back up again the first of this year. Anyway this year I want to have you all to my home for a Christmas meeting. We can all enjoy some nice Christmas music and refreshments as we sit around and knit, so still bring your projects to work on.

I would like to do this on Saturday the 20th from 2-4 pm which would be our regular time to meet. However, I know the Christmas holiday season is quite busy for everyone, so if December 6th would work better we could plan for that Saturday instead.

So, think about it, look at your calendar's and let me know which Saturday would better suit you, and we will go from there ok?

See you all next time!