Saturday, October 18, 2008

October 18, 2008

You can tell that fall has arrived as it was a bit chilly today so we definitely could not have sat on the patio to knit. Aura, Rose, Pam and I were the only ones who could come today and we missed the rest of you. We still had a great time chatting and knitting or crocheting. We got to hear about Aura's recent trip to Italy and I brought some of my recent cards to show off. (I know not knitting related)

Rose's Superman Sweater Rose was knitting on the back of the Superman sweater for her nephew and I had brought along Jennifer's dress and I think I got one entire row knitted in 2 hours. Pam was working on her Tiramisu Baby Blanket. Aura's Pixie HATS Aura brought her cute pixie hats to show us and they are just adorable. Aura was also working on another fun crocheted dishcloth. Aura's dishcloth

We really had a nice time together and I look forward to our next meeting. Hope to see all of you next time!

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Aura said...

What a great day it was spending time with you, Pam and Rose. I'm still amazed at Rose's I-phone. Came back home and told Cliff about it. It was neat seeing Rose go into the internet to show us the card techniques, the Etsy stitch markers, etc....