Saturday, November 15, 2008

Welcome Cecile and Janice

Welcome Cecile and Janice

Welcome Cecile and Janice

The Knit Nuts welcomes Cecile and Janice who joined us with their knitting projects. They would both like to learn to crochet in the near future. Cecile is currently working on fingerless gloves which she is making for her friend Nuns who live in Wales, England. Janice is working on a beautiful lacy scarf which she is making for one of her child's teacher.

Pam is almost done with her Tiramisu baby blanket and it looks great. I showed her how to do the double crochet which she is doing around the border.

Speaking of double crochets I've been working designing baby caps. I'm in the process or writing the pattern and these caps are made in no time because they are worked with double crochets. It was helpful to use Connie's doll as a model. This doll is about the size of a 2 month old baby.

Connie shared how she made modifications to the pattern she is using and is happy with the results of knitting in the round. How many rows did you get done during our meeting? Connie is loving her yarn bowl which keeps the yarn in place and flowing just right.

I certainly did not get very far on my reindeer. I'm making this crochet reindeer for an upcoming Ornament exchange at the Library. So far I'm understanding the pattern.

Robin made progress working on her crochet baby blanket and take one look at the ball of yarn she is using. It's big and so fluffy. Some of us had to reach for it and touch it.

Until next time...May your knitting and crochet enrich your lives. I enjoyed very much sharing this special time with my knitting friends: Connie, Pam, Robin, Cecile and Janice. We missed all the others who could not make it to this meeting.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I captured these two photos of Connie doing one of the many things she does best...teach others! Sorry I won't be able to meet with you ladies this coming weekend, it's meant a lot to knit with you, I can't believe it's been a year since you first invited me! Hopefully I'll be able to show you photos of a finished Superman sweater in the next few days!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Easy Baby Hat from the top - down

I have been working on different styles of Pixie hats since my daughter said she would like to have one for photographing newborns. Check out her Touched Photography site. She does quite well. Anyway some of my baby hats have been coming out huge. Connie shared with me a technique, I'm not really sure what it's called. The hat is knitted from the top down to the brim.

Using sport weight yarn and a circular needle size 5 ( you can also use straight needles since this hat is really not knitted in the round, I just like to work with the needles connected. I started casting on 4 stitches. To make the long cord follow the pattern.

R1 - Knit 1, slip 1 - ending with a slip 1 and turn.
Repeat this row until the desired length

You will need to make increases starting at the crown until you have the desired width. I made 6 increases every third row. I stopped increasing when I had 68 stitches. For a smaller hat increase less stitches. At this point you can transfer your stitches to a 16 inch circular needle. You will then turn your work so the knitted stitches are facing you. If you make a hat using this technique you avoid using the double point needles or the magic loop technique. As you work back and forth you are basically creating a pocket. To avoid ladders or loose stitches on the ends you do have to tighten a little bit when you turn after every row.

Monday, November 3, 2008

November 1, 2008

We had a nice time this past Saturday at our Knit Nuts meetup! Instead of our normal spot at Dilworth Coffee, we met at The Coffee Garden at the corner of Lawyers Road and Stevens Mill Road. It is a family owned and run coffee house, which has a warm, cozy and inviting atmosphere and the owners are very nice and accommodating.

Ms. Pat got there first and saved our knitting spot for us. Thanks Pat!PatDiane

My friend Diane came to visit and brought all her fibery goodness to show us that she purchased at SAFF. I can't wait to see what she knits up with all that wonderful yarn!
She was knitting on the cutest litte baby sweater from a kit that she picked up at Knit One Stitch Two for all of $11.00! Don't you just love those great deals!

Rose and I decided to have lunch as well as some coffee. They were running a lunch special of sandwich, chips and drink for $5.00 and both of us thought the sammies were very good!
RosePam and Diane
Robin was able to come this time and we had missed seeing her. She had been sick time before last and last meetup had company visiting, so it was nice to have her back.

Pam and Robin were crocheting on their baby blankets and Rose, Diane, Pat and I were knitting on our projects. Rose you are going to get those Superman sweaters finished soon! Pam, I know you'll be done with that Tiramisu soon, so we can get you going on that ribbon border.

We had a man stop by and ask if we were knitting or crocheting to which we all exclaimed both! His wife was in the car and he said he would tell her about our group. I gave him my name and number so maybe there will be another Nut soon!

It was a nice, relaxing time of knitting and crocheting with friends!

We of course missed seeing all of you that couldn't be there and hope to see you next time!