Saturday, November 15, 2008

Welcome Cecile and Janice

Welcome Cecile and Janice

Welcome Cecile and Janice

The Knit Nuts welcomes Cecile and Janice who joined us with their knitting projects. They would both like to learn to crochet in the near future. Cecile is currently working on fingerless gloves which she is making for her friend Nuns who live in Wales, England. Janice is working on a beautiful lacy scarf which she is making for one of her child's teacher.

Pam is almost done with her Tiramisu baby blanket and it looks great. I showed her how to do the double crochet which she is doing around the border.

Speaking of double crochets I've been working designing baby caps. I'm in the process or writing the pattern and these caps are made in no time because they are worked with double crochets. It was helpful to use Connie's doll as a model. This doll is about the size of a 2 month old baby.

Connie shared how she made modifications to the pattern she is using and is happy with the results of knitting in the round. How many rows did you get done during our meeting? Connie is loving her yarn bowl which keeps the yarn in place and flowing just right.

I certainly did not get very far on my reindeer. I'm making this crochet reindeer for an upcoming Ornament exchange at the Library. So far I'm understanding the pattern.

Robin made progress working on her crochet baby blanket and take one look at the ball of yarn she is using. It's big and so fluffy. Some of us had to reach for it and touch it.

Until next time...May your knitting and crochet enrich your lives. I enjoyed very much sharing this special time with my knitting friends: Connie, Pam, Robin, Cecile and Janice. We missed all the others who could not make it to this meeting.


Connie said...

Aura you did an awesome job on this post for our meetup! Also, you will have to tell me how you got the names in that first smiley...too cute!

Aura said...

Hey Connie - Thanks for the compliment. As far as the Smiley I found him on Smiley Central, different from the Smilicons. There's all kinds of smileys holding the sign and you just type what you want your smiley to say. Smiley Central showed up on a menu bar of my Outlook Express.

Cecy said...

Hi! This blogging is as new to me as crocheting so now I have two new projects going!!! I enjoyed my time with "you'al" at Dilworth Coffee so much and look forward to the next meeting. Thanks to Aura for inviting me and to the rest of you who made me feel so welcomed!