Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 19th, 2009

Our Knit Nut group had a nice turnout even though it was the week before Christmas. Here are some photos of some fun at the meeting. Merry Christmas everyone!

Robin one of our Knit Nuts had some exciting news to tell us...can you guess what the news was?

Rose showed us all some of her latest finished projects...

Rose was also working on a new pair of slippers for herself...

She also brought everyone a little Christmas stitch marker...

Pat brought everyone a chocolate Santa and she also brought her pretty Christmas Wreath to show us.

Aura wasn't able to attend but she had sent everyone a cute little snowman pin that she had designed. Too cute!
Debbie had brought everyone a goodie bag.
These were the goodies that were in my bag.
She had also brought some home made cookies and fudge for the group! Yummy...
She was working on a knitted market bag...

Suzanne had just got started on a pair of fingerless gloves...here is a picture of them in the pattern.

Overall we had a nice group and shared in some great fiber goodness!

We missed those of you that couldn't make it and hope to see you in the new year!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pyramid Pouch Pattern

This looks like the cute little bag we were talking about at our meetup yesterday.

I did see the tutorial page that Aura showed us, but I liked that this one had the zipper down a corner. It's also much easier to make.

I did purchase the pattern...now to just find time to make one! Ha!


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Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 11, 2009

The Knit Nuts met yesterday at Dilworth Coffee to share some good conversation and projects. We had a great time and our group increased by two! Welcome to Amanda and Donna, both of whom were vistiting us for the first time.

Our newest member Donna was working on her Tiramisu Baby Blanket...

We missed some of you other regulars and hope that you'll get to come next month! This meetup we had in attendance.... Pat, Amanda, Suzanne, Rose, Donna, Pam and me (Connie).

I was knitting on my Daffodil Afghan which will be a wedding gift for Katie who is my daughter's friend. I think I got one whole row done...LOL I didn't get a picture at the meeting, but here is one I took earlier.

Here is a close up of Donna's Tiramisu. Oh and this is Donna's first ever crochet project! It's looking FAB Donna!

Pat was knitting an afghan and was there to offer knitting and crochet advice to those that needed help. I always enjoy seeing what afghan or wrap Pat is currently working on.

Rose brought several FO's to share... a pretty lined Counterpane Accessory Pouch

and her beautiful February Sweater...which for some reason got lost while uploading to my pc. Click on the name and you can see her in it at her Ravelry notebook. Rose was especially proud of the zipper for her Counterpane Pouch and it was nicely lined too.

Rose also showed us her newest Cinema Club Yarn purchase.

Rose was working on her newest WIP called Botanica Medallion Cardigan, here is a photo of it on the front of the magazine and another photo of what she has completed thus far.

She was using 100% cotton because she wasn't sure the largest size would fit her and wanted it to stretch out a bit in wearing. Great idea Rose! This gorgeous pattern will make that cotton shine!

Amanda showed us the prettiest little dress that she had crocheted for her daughter, the pattern is called Banana Split. Amanda is also on Ravelry and as soon as I get the link to her notebook page on Ravelry I'll put it in the sidebar! Oh and Amanda was also starting I think what was her first knitting attempt using circular's! A Ballband dishcloth.

Pam arrived and was starting a crochet dishcloth. She completed about half of it at our meetup. She also had a delicious sammy. Dilworth Coffee has great sandwich's.

Pam also showed us her new hair extensions. She is working at a salon in Mint Hill and is learning to apply them.

Suzanne had almost completed the Tunisian Short row coaster and brought in her completed Soaker Baby Bib to show us. She was also starting a new crochet dishcloth.

I didn't want to forget Rose's baby socks. These were her first 2 at a time socks! Great job! Pam asked why they were a different color and Rose explained that the different colors helps you to learn the magic loop, 2 at a time method.

As you can tell we were just buzzing with knitting and crocheting and had a perfect afternoon of fibery coffee house bliss!

Monday, March 23, 2009

March 21, 2009

We had a great group this past Saturday and enjoyed knitting, crocheting and sharing our projects.

I would like to extend a Welcome to Suzanne who was able to come this Saturday.

Welcome Suzanne!

I have put Suzanne's Ravelry link on the blog (bottom right), be sure to friend her and remind her of your real name so she knows who you are.

My camera was losing battery power so I only got a few photos.

Rose brought her sweater to show off. I believe this was the last project she needed to complete from the book that she was making every project from.

Cheryl was knitting on her large stitch scarf, which was so pretty. I think she actually finished it during the meeting.

Aura showed us this cute little crocheted baby beanie! I love the colors!

Pat was knitting this pretty blue afghan. I think she is almost finished with it.

Our newest Knit Nut Suzanne was crocheting this adorable baby blanket. The yarn was so soft and I love the color of the yarn.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 21, 2009

We had a great time this past Saturday at our meet up.
Above is a short video clip of our WIP's and the fun we had.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spring Like Weather in February

What a nice surprise it was to see Larissa join the Knit Nuts on this beautiful spring-like afternoon. She commented she had not been in a year. Hope she does not stay away that long this year. Larissa, you are a lot of fun to be around. I loved hearing her say: "I don't feel this yarn", as she was knitting something and was not happy with it. I suggested she do a drop stitch scarf with the beautiful yarn she brought.

Larissa's Drop Stitch Valentine Scarf.

Connie brought everyone a Valentine heart filled with mini but useful and practical knitting/crochet tools and candy too. Thank you Connie. Thanks to Pat for the candy and to Aura for the banana bread.

Rose brought quite a few projects she has completed. We all fell in loved with all of them.
Connie proudly displays her crochet creation. A lot of piecing is involved but she is not minding that one bit. This project is going fast.
Pam working smoothly on something special and being able to talk to Rose at the same time. She did not do the Pam thing (ripping) to my knowledge during this meeting.

Cheryl brought her adorable sock monkey who made friends with Aura's gnome. Hopefully, Connie will post their picture.

Janice was also working on her crochet baby blanket, I think....Pat worked on one her shawls and smiled pretty during this meet up.

Robin brought her finished baby crochet blanket and shared about not being totally happy. We all reassured her that it was beautiful and will keep someone warm and snug once all wrapped up. We all learn something with every project.

Happy knitting - crocheting - Love you all - Aura