Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spring Like Weather in February

What a nice surprise it was to see Larissa join the Knit Nuts on this beautiful spring-like afternoon. She commented she had not been in a year. Hope she does not stay away that long this year. Larissa, you are a lot of fun to be around. I loved hearing her say: "I don't feel this yarn", as she was knitting something and was not happy with it. I suggested she do a drop stitch scarf with the beautiful yarn she brought.

Larissa's Drop Stitch Valentine Scarf.

Connie brought everyone a Valentine heart filled with mini but useful and practical knitting/crochet tools and candy too. Thank you Connie. Thanks to Pat for the candy and to Aura for the banana bread.

Rose brought quite a few projects she has completed. We all fell in loved with all of them.
Connie proudly displays her crochet creation. A lot of piecing is involved but she is not minding that one bit. This project is going fast.
Pam working smoothly on something special and being able to talk to Rose at the same time. She did not do the Pam thing (ripping) to my knowledge during this meeting.

Cheryl brought her adorable sock monkey who made friends with Aura's gnome. Hopefully, Connie will post their picture.

Janice was also working on her crochet baby blanket, I think....Pat worked on one her shawls and smiled pretty during this meet up.

Robin brought her finished baby crochet blanket and shared about not being totally happy. We all reassured her that it was beautiful and will keep someone warm and snug once all wrapped up. We all learn something with every project.

Happy knitting - crocheting - Love you all - Aura

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