Monday, March 23, 2009

March 21, 2009

We had a great group this past Saturday and enjoyed knitting, crocheting and sharing our projects.

I would like to extend a Welcome to Suzanne who was able to come this Saturday.

Welcome Suzanne!

I have put Suzanne's Ravelry link on the blog (bottom right), be sure to friend her and remind her of your real name so she knows who you are.

My camera was losing battery power so I only got a few photos.

Rose brought her sweater to show off. I believe this was the last project she needed to complete from the book that she was making every project from.

Cheryl was knitting on her large stitch scarf, which was so pretty. I think she actually finished it during the meeting.

Aura showed us this cute little crocheted baby beanie! I love the colors!

Pat was knitting this pretty blue afghan. I think she is almost finished with it.

Our newest Knit Nut Suzanne was crocheting this adorable baby blanket. The yarn was so soft and I love the color of the yarn.