Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 18th - 2010

We had a great group come out this past Saturday to share in some fun fiber projects. We also had 2 new ladies that had been invited to our group by Debbie. 
We all want to give a warm "Welcome" to Kim and her mom, Joan!

Kim brought in this baby blanket called Knit Diamond Blanket that she was working on...

It is a Bernat pattern and you can find the pattern here, however you do need to sign up to be able to get the pattern. Kim's mom, Joan started on this dishcloth pattern which she was modifying to be a baby bib. 
By the end of the meeting she had completed the bib! What a fast crocheter! You can find her project pattern here. Again you'll need to sign up at the Sugar and Cream site to see the pattern.

Pat had brought 2  twirly scarves she had completed to show us. The pattern is called The Belle Scarf and you can find that pattern at Lion Brand's site and on Ravelry here.

Rose brought in her completed baby bibs to show us. She also designed the pattern, it's called Southern Belle Bibs! You can find her pattern for sale here on Raverly! She was also knitting the Easy Top-Down Raglan. I don't think the pattern is available online yet, as it is a project knit-a-long with Susan B. Anderson.
Rose also brought along her NEW pink Jordana Paige knitting satchel she got for a great deal at an area yarn store.

Amanda was knitting on a February baby sweater for her daughter, but she also brought her completed Summer Petals Cardigan that she had made for herself. So pretty! You can also find her pattern notes on Ravelry here.

Debbie and I both were working on dishcloths. Debbie was working on a corner to corner Grandma's Favorite with attached  border. Around this time of year I start making tons of them to share with family and friends at Christmas. I had learned to waffle stitch crochet and find that the stitch makes great dishcloths. I also learned a new stitch called the beestitch. It's wonderful for dishcloths. You can find both a regular beestitch cloth here and a corner to corner one here. Below on the left is one of my corner to corner beestitch ones and on the right a waffle crochet one.

Our next Knit Nut meetup is scheduled for October 16th from 2 -4 pm and we are going to meet at The Coffee Garden which is at the corner of Stevens Mill Rd. and Lawyers Rd. I'll send more details before the meetup.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Knit Nut Time Again!

The Knit Nuts were back with a good size group for the June meet-up.  Pat, Suzanne, Cindy, Sandy and I (Rose), all gathered together.

Pat was working on a charity shawl.

Suzanne was working on a baby blanket that needed to be done as soon as possible for a baby shower...

Cindy was working on a sock...

...and Sandy was working on a Bernat blog project.

I worked on a baby blanket as well.  We decided that with the July 4th holiday in 2 weeks we wouldn't want to meet up again before next month's meeting on the 17th.  The coffee shop owner spoke with us and explained that she needed contact information from those Nuts who made coffee cozies so she could settle up...and that we could make more to sell (about 5-6 per person max).  And that's the highlights...thank you to the Nuts who came out, I enjoyed the conversation and seeing some finished projects!  And for those who weren't able to make it, you were missed!