Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21, 2011

 I was so excited to join the Knit Nuts group today as for the last few meetings I was unable to attend. We had a nice group of 7 ladies today and we all had a nice time. 

Kim was working on some charity crocheted angels and even had a customer of the coffee shop come over and try to purchase it from her.
She also had this very cool muslin bag from the BagSmith company to keep her fiber goodies in that I thought was just so cool.

Kim's mom Joan was crocheting a very pretty baby blanket out of different colors of yarn and the picture doesn't do it justice. It was very soft and the yarn also had iridescent fibers running thorough out that gave it a shimmering effect.

Rose brought her very pretty "yarn bowl" that she had just purchased which even has her name on it. She also brought in the cutest little desk made out of cardstock for her son Thomas to give to his teacher. He had written her a note that Rose adhered to the top inside of the desk. Just too cute!
 Rose was knitting on a scarf where she was holding 2 yarn fibers together, one of which was stainless steel.

 Wendy was knitting on her afghan which was gorgeous! She will have panels like this that she will seam together for the afghan.

Amanda was crocheting some baby charity blankets for infants that are born deceased and are so small they don't fit in clothing. These are something very special to the parents of these little angels. (sorry no pic)

Amanda also brought in this teddy bear she knit for her daughter with an outfit to match.
I brought in my sideways knitted baby sweater to show that I had been knitting since I had last visited with the Knit Nuts. All the girls agreed that this was definitely a 2T to 3T sweater.