Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our June Meet-Up

We had two new needlecrafters at our June meeting in addition to Wendy, Kim and I (Rose).  Michelle came armed with crochet hooks and yarn, determined to learn how to crochet.  Though I'm right-handed and she's left-handed and I'm not the best teacher, she left the meeting doing a good job of chain and single crochet stitches.  She plans to come back next month to build on her skills and to learn about granny squares.  Hopefully more of you will get to meet her then!

My son also came prepared.  He recently expressed interest in learning to knit and I couldn't get to A.C. Moore fast enough to pick him up a spool knitter.  He is SLOWLY showing progress as, at 6 years old, he doesn't stay focused for very long.  He was VERY excited to attend his first knitting meeting!

While we sat Wendy continued to work on her cabled afghan and Kim was busy working on a pink bunny for a new baby.

We had a nice meeting and missed those who couldn't make it!