Monday, June 10, 2013

Knit in Public Day Trip

June 8th, 2013

Our trip to Denver this past Saturday, June 8th for Knit in Public day was so much fun! Debbie and Donna met me in Mint Hill and we loaded up our chairs and headed up to Denver. We stopped first at my sister and her husbands store, (Wild Bird Mart) to pick up Kory who met us there.

We all then traveled a little ways down the road to shop at Time to Unwind. We got there a little after 10 am and they were gearing up for their fashion show that was taking place at 1 pm. They had 2 tents set up outside and the first thing that caught our eyes were the 2 columns out front that had been yarn bombed! Donna snapped this picture of one of the columns.

They let us in the back to see all the items that were going to be shown in the fashion show. There were so many items and they were all just gorgeous! All the ladies at the shop were very helpful and we had fun looking at all the goodies the shop had to offer. We also were able to enter the giveaway that they had for the fashion show even though we weren't going to be there and they had a little bowl up front where we chose a little piece of folded paper that gave us a discount on our purchase. That was a nice unexpected surprise. 

We then headed back to the bird store to knit in public. There is a BBQ restaurant 2 doors down from the bird store so we all got some lunch first. They had a nice place to sit inside. Once we were done, we walked down to set up our chairs to knit. Alex and Kim greeted us and Alex had the front of the store ready for us to set up our chairs.

The weather held up and we didn't have any rain and although it was very sunny, there was a breeze and so we weren't at all hot. We all enjoyed a relaxing couple of hours knitting. I helped Debbie with a short crochet lesson and my mom helped Donna.
We both decided that we needed a simpler crochet pattern to teach them to read. So they pulled out their trusty knitting projects. LOL

My family decided that Kory reminded them so much of my daughter Jennifer, so I'm claiming to be her second mom now. Hope you don't mind Kory?
Overall we had a wonderful day and I'm so happy that Debbie, Donna and Kory could join me to knit in public.

I hope that next year more of you can come out to join us!

I'm looking forward to it already.

I also want to say thanks again to Alex and Kim for letting us come and sit out front at their store Wild Bird Mart to knit. We really enjoyed it!
I was happy that my mom got to come and crochet with us as an honorary Knit Nut for the day. My niece Alexis also stopped by and brought cute little Bentley to say hello!

 That's my niece Alexis at the beginning and the little white fur ball is cute Bentley!

 Until next year.....

June 1st, 2013

We enjoyed another great meetup the first Saturday of June. I am late in getting these pictures up. Sorry!  Here are a few photos of that meetup and the projects we were working on.

Donna M. showing her crocheted blanket.

This is Kathy one of our newer members showing off a crochet shrug that she had just finished. It looks beautiful on you Kathy!

Kory finishing up a dishcloth and Sandy working on her blanket.

Wendy still adding to her temperature throw. It's coming along beautifully. Such small stitches it almost looks woven.

and Debbie is also knitting a blanket. I love how the yarn stripes automatically.