Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our Meetup Spot has changed...

Hi Ladies,
Just a quick post to let you know that we are no longer meeting at Madison's Coffee House in Indian Trail. When we arrived for our first meetup in January, the room that we normally meet in was booked for a baby shower. We didn't find this out until we showed up. I asked if we could still meet and use the tables out front, so that day that is what we did. 

Then, on February 14th I just happened to message the owner on FB to make sure we could meet that following Saturday, February 16th. She didn't get back to me until 1 hour before we were to meet on that Saturday! I explained to her that we need more notice as it would be hard to contact all of us that would be planning to attend. I'm sure that some of us, run errands, or shop before coming to the meetup. If I hadn't messaged her then again, we would have shown up without a spot to knit. She did respond back with an apology and stated she has put us on her calendar. I had already thought she had us on her calendar?

So, that is why we needed to find another place to meet. We decided to meet again back at Dilworth Coffee at Hoods Cross Roads. We actually were meeting there back in 2008. After we met there we moved to The Coffee Garden and were there until the business was forced out for a new Subway. That is when we starting meeting at Madisons Coffee House.

So, for now (and hopefully some time to come) we'll be meeting back at Dilworth Coffee House soon to be called Mint Hill Cafe! I've added a slide show top right of the blog showing photos of what Dilworth Coffee looks like inside. We have a nice spot to sit and knit and they have wonderful coffee and food there. Colleen the owner has graciously welcomed us back and has put us on her calendar. She reserves our spot and puts out a sign telling other patrons that we will be meeting there.

We meet the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month and Wendy and I send out an email reminder about mid week or a day or so before the Saturday we meet.

Here is more info on Dilworth Coffee...
3565 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd
Matthews, NC 28105

If you want me to put you on our email list or you need more info then you can contact me...
Connie at coniknits at gmail dot com