Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 2, 2014

It's been a while since I've posted anything here and I am sorry that I've been lacking. :( Remember, that all of you have posting privileges here on our group blog. If you need help just ask! Our group continues to grow as we have had a few new members lately. Welcome to all of you!

Today along with myself (Connie) we had Debbie, Amanda, Wendy and Sue in attendance. Welcome to Sue as she is one of our newest!

Sue brought many baby hats to show us that she has been knitting for charity. I'm sorry that I forgot to get a picture Sue.

I was working on finishing up the blankie part on another "Oogly" security blanket.

Amanda brought her daughter's finished Christmas stocking.
Wendy was working on a new baby blanket, but also brought an adorable baby sweater to show us. 

Debbie was full steam ahead on her cross stitch blanket and she brought a pretty scarf to show us.

Overall we had a great time together today and we missed a lot of you and hope to see you next time!

Hope you all have a fiberlicious day!